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Reunification Therapy


Our Goal is The Healing Conversations®

Getting to this place can be very challenging. The emotions felt during the separation, divorce, and while determining parenting time can be incredibly difficult.


Reunification therapy is a process. Agnieska Baklazec, MA, LPC, LAC works with every member of the family to get to a place where a healing conversation is possible.

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The Process



During this time, Agnieska gets to know you and all the parties involved in the process. She meets individually with each person to assess where they are, how they are feeling, and determine what work needs to be done.



During this time, Agnieska works with the child and the non-time sharing parent separately to make sure that that first meeting is a positive one. Depending on what the assessment revealed and the goals of the treatment plan, this preparation time is spent making sure that each member of the family is ready for that first meeting.


Joint Family Sessions

In this stage, the parent and child have the opportunity to have Healing Conversations. They can talk about what has happened in their relationship and explore what a new relationship might look like. Our goal here is to help the child be able to express what they would like to express to the parent and to help the parent be emotionally present and responsive.



The joint sessions continue as the parent and child deepen their relationship with each other. How this relationship develops will depend on the people involved, the parenting plan, or further court orders. Well-being of the child is assessed and prioritized at each stage of this progression .



Continued monitoring of the visits may be needed for the newly reunited parent and child. These visits may progress to full days or over-nights. Reunification therapy usually concludes when the family has met their goals, the requirements of the parenting plan, or the court order.


Agnieska Baklazec is certified in Reunification Therapy, having trained with Jane Irvine, MA, LPC, Barbara Shindell, LCSW, and Karen Jamieson Darr, PhD. This training provided the tools and resources necessary to guide you through this complicated process. She works with attorneys and the courts to provide the required reports. When requested, Agnieska also provides assessments for the court to determine whether or not reunification therapy should be recommended for a family.

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